A New Era of Technical Data Services

Cozelos Data is launching a new era of technical data services in the Huntsville area. By combining custom data management services with IT infrastructure support, Cozelos Data is able to help organizations better manage their information and business processes from end to end, improve customer service and responsiveness, and make the business stronger, improving life for the business owner and manager.

The founder of Cozelos Data, Ellen Cozelos, understands the need that organizations have to effectively manage their data. She has refined this understanding though more than 20 years of developing data solutions to address complex processes, organizations, and challenges. Ms. Cozelos and her team are now bringing these high value solutions to the Huntsville business community.

“To be competitive in todays marketplace, businesses must not only be good at delivering their products and/or services, they must be good at managing the flow of information that continually runs through their business,” said Ms. Cozelos. “Businesses survive on good products or services…businesses excel when they add effective business processes and data management.” This is where Cozelos Data comes in. We help businesses excel.

Contact Cozelos Data today to find out how they can help you excel by making your business stronger and your life better.