Do's and Don'ts of Creating Passwords

While selecting secure passwords may seem like something simple, it is not a topic to be taken lightly. Having insecure passwords on your accounts or devices can have dire consequences. From phones and laptops to emails and online banking sites; passwords are used for just about everything. Whether you're 9 or 99 it's never too early or late to have awesome password habits. It could all be newfound information or a little touching up on what you already know. But once you have these 4 steps down, you'll be ready to conquer the world-- of passwords!

1. Length

Do:                                                                                              Do Examples:
 Make your password at least 12 characters long                            yumjellyandjoe
 Be random and use multiple words                                                 tinytootsteet

Don't:                                                                                       Don't Examples:
 Use commonly known phrases                                                     holdthemayo
 Use words that can be found on your social                               Ilovepeanutbutter
media page like pet names, child names, birthdays.etc.                     July3rd1986
use name initials or anything personalized to you                              EllenCozelos

2. Complexity

Do:                                                                                              Do Examples:
 Add numbers, capital letters, spaces,                                             Tiny.tots.t33t.
punctuation and purposefully misspelled words.                              #Blesedfr0gs!

Don't:                                                                                       Don't Examples:
Make it so complex you can't remember it                      1W@s.&j42d*yEo#!N$(g
 focus more on complexity than length                                                   

3. Spreading Awareness

share this with family and friends
 take time to teach children and elderly how to choose secure passwords
Be patient
 Send feedback on how we can improve this blog

Forget to use this password advice with your passwords.

4. A Few Reminders

 use a different password for each account

*Share your passwords with anyone.
*use the examples I gave you as your password.

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